John Turturro Reads “The False Grandmother”

It’s a snowy, blowy day here in Seattle, which makes me want nothing more than to cozy up with my computer and watch animated fairy tales on YouTube. Fortunately, delivered a delicious treat: John Turturro (Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski, Miller’s Crossing, etc.) reading a tale from Italo Calvino’s Italian Folktales, “The False Grandmother.” Kevin Ruelle animated it in a moody, minimalist style that suits it perfectly. (Sadly, I can’t find anything about Mr. Ruelle on the innernets right now.)


I hope you enjoy this creepy, lovely treat!


5 thoughts on “John Turturro Reads “The False Grandmother”

  1. Lisa

    I liked that a lot–the teeth and ears thing was nicely gruesome, and I’ll remember to give rivers and gates what they want from now on. Also liked the artwork. Where can I find this Kevin Ruelle fellow online?

  2. amyleighmorgan Post author

    I was so sad about that. The only Kevin Ruelle I could find is a landscape painter on the East Coast. I mean, it could be the same guy, but…it seems unlikely, given their styles.

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