Amy’s Intro to Writing Fairy Tales is an amazing class. Whether you’re into the folklore, the psychology, the methodology, or just the writing of fairy tales, Amy’s class provides an intellectual and insanely fun environment to discuss and dabble with fairy tales. I would highly recommend this class to anyone and everyone. – Sarah Dansey

I really loved everything about this class — the content, the other participants, and the instructor! This was a wonderful experience, and I thought you did a wonderful job of providing constructive feedback and gentle guidance. Thanks to you and the other students, the atmosphere was wonderful and it felt like a weekly sanctuary for me. So thank you! – Karen DeBlauw

I loved your class and got a lot out of it. It was interesting timing for me because of my academic studies [in folk and fairy tales at UW]. I think [your class] helped me move back into writing from analyzing, so for that alone I’d be grateful if I didn’t also get a lot out of the class itself. – Mara Pina

I thought the class was great. It definitely got my mental wheels turning. I did NaNoWriMo this year, but instead of a novel, I did a collection of short fairy tales (well, mostly short, a few long). So I was very inspired by your class! Thank you! :) – Catherine Bailey