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Ryohei Hase

One of my favorite fairy tale motifs is transformation. In the fairy tales I love the most, characters shift from human form to animal form and back again with a wanton grace, symbolic of everthing in the world at once. So I now happily point my blog-finger at Ryohei Hase, whose work is a perfect meditation on this very subject.

Courtesy of Coilhouse.

Fairy Tale Review

My e-mail inbox yielded a little bit of treasure this morning! A lovely woman wrote me to ask about class scheduling (seems people are having trouble with Tuesdays – if you are one of these people, write me!) and then pointed me to the Fairy Tale Review.

The advisory board of the Fairy Tale Review includes such heavy hitters as Jack Zipes and Maria Tatar, and its publications look absolutely luscious. Angela (the woman who wrote to me this morning) has an original fairy tale slated for publication in the upcoming Aquamarine issue.

So now I know (1) a new place to read new work, and (2) a new place to encourage people to submit their stories. That’s an awesome Friday morning treat.

Thanks, Angela!