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Amazingly enough, this site hasn't needed a major technical overhaul since 2008. But now it does! WordPress has finally outpaced me and the blog no longer synchs seamlessly with the rest of the site. This means that once you click into the blog, you can only nav to the rest of the site from the lower left-hand menu. Also, you lose the pretty background from my illustrator. I'm working on a solution, but please accept my apologies for the inconvenience until it's all updated.

You guys. We published a book.

I am so proud to present you with Fairy Tale Factory, Vol. 1: Six short fairy tales, some with unhappy endings, now available on Amazon in paperback and on the Kindle. It took three years and a lot of love to put together this illustrated collection of student stories. Phew!

Available Workshops:

No classes are scheduled until Fall 2014. Follow the Fairy Tale Factory blog for updates, plus an irregular dose of inspiration, creativity, and fairy tale wonder.


I really loved everything about this class -- the content, the other participants, and the instructor! This was a wonderful experience, and I thought you did a wonderful job of providing constructive feedback and gentle guidance. Thanks to you and the other students, the atmosphere was wonderful and it felt like a weekly sanctuary for me. So thank you!

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