Philosophy of Fairy Tales

There are a million reasons to love fairy tales. But for brevity’s sake we’ll stick to four: two for writers and two for readers.


  • Learn to plot a story so tightly it’ll bring tears to your eyes. This skill will bless you wherever you may roam, from novel to short story, from essay to blog entry. Do not underestimate the Power of Plot.
  • Learn new ways to tap your wild, delicious creativity and set it roaming freely over the earth. Combine this with the Power of Plot (see above) and ascend to new heights as a writer.

Even if you don’t like fairy tales, it’s worth your while to try it. You’ll be surprised at the progress you make in terms of technical ability and working through creative blocks. You might even have fun. (This is a strong possibility. Be careful.)


  • Fairy tales bring us closer to ourselves in delightful ways. These simple (and enchanting and confusing and thrilling) stories speak to our hopes and fears about relationships, family, growing up, and so much more. Fairy tales are deeper than they appear at first glance.
  • Fairy tales are weird. They are weird and shocking and beautiful and compelling in ways that don’t quite make sense on the surface. Read enough of them and you will begin to see the world with new eyes.

As for the 999,996 remaining reasons to love fairy tales? You’ll have six weeks to get started on them, and the rest of your life to add to the list. Take our workshop and see. Come out to play!

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