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Elizabeth Lynn Shipe takes some very nice photos

Last month I got an e-mail from Elizabeth Lynn Shipe announcing the debut of her photo series: Reconstructing Grimm. Liz has taken on the challenge of illustrating her favorite fairy tales and kids’ stories with photographs. If you have ever tried to take a decent staged photograph of anything, you will probably appreciate what a heroic undertaking this is. You have to cast people as the characters, find and/or build the right sets, find the right costumes, and figure out just the right scenes to act out. It’s basically as complicated as a movie shoot, and often almost as expensive.

Here’s a nice one from her “Alice in Wonderland” shoot:
Alice and the deck of cards

She’s also made a series of cute behind-the-scenes videos about her process:

If you’d like to see more fun photos and learn more about the lovely and talented Liz Shipe, hop on over to her blog and say, “Hi!”