Congratulations, Ariel!

Kate Wolford over at Diamonds and Toads is launching a journal devoted to original fairy tales. It’s called Enchanted Conversation and you may remember I posted a link to her call for submissions a few months ago.

Awesomely, Ariel Woodruff, graduate of the summer 2009 Intro to Writing Fairy Tales class, now has a piece in the inaugural issue! The theme is Sleeping Beauty, and I have every confidence that Ariel’s story will surprise and delight us all.

Congratulations, Ariel! I’m super proud of you. xo!


4 thoughts on “Congratulations, Ariel!

  1. KateW

    Ariel’s story is amazing! It has gotten a lot of attention. I’m so proud that Enchanted Conversation got to publish it in our first edition — which is currently up and running!

  2. Ariel Woodruff

    Thank you, Kate! It’s been a blast to participate in EC, and I look forward to many more conversations of the enchanted variety.

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